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Should I enter a Rep ID during rider or driver registration?
During Registration we recommend only the Referral rep ID is entered. The "My Rep ID" field is there to only enter in your personal Independent Representative ID number"

Who gets the personally created point(s) ? PCP
  • When an app is downloaded, no one gets any personally created point(s) for that.
  • When registering the app, if you put in fake or leave the rep id's (both) blank, there is no personally created point(s) for that registration.
  • When registering if you fill in both Referreral and My rep ID with valid ID's the "My rep ID" gets the personally created point(s).
  • This is a one time event and cannot be re-done. Support can correct incorrect ID's later, but that will not award any personally created point(s) only future commissions will be correted.

How do I get a temporary Drive Decal?
If you are in Texas or Florida, and have been approved to Drive, you should download it here.

Do I have to be a Vibe Rep to Drive for Vibe Ride?
No, not at all! You will miss out on money every drive though. To get bonus income, and be able to get 24 hour a day income you need to be a rep.

What are the minimum Requirements to Drive for Vibe Ride?
    Basic Driver Qualifications:
  • Drivers have a valid, in-state driver's license.
  • Drivers are age 21 or older.
  • If age 21 or 22, the Driver must have three or more years of unrestricted driving history and no infractions on their Motor Vehicle Report.
  • If 23 or older, the applicant must have a driver's license for one or more years and meet or exceed the Driving Record & Motor Vehicle Report Qualifications set forth below.
  • Drivers have valid automobile insurance that meets or surpasses the state minimum.
    Driving Record & Motor Vehicle Report (MVR) Qualifications:
  • Vibe will run a complete MVR on all drivers, not only when you first apply but annually as well.
  • We keep MVR records for no less than 2 years after last date of service.
  • We will not permit a Driver to operate a vehicle on our behalf if the Driver's MVR does not meet the criteria below:
    • No more than three minor violations in the past three years including accidents, traffic light violations, speeding, or moving violations.
    • No violations in the past three years for driving on a suspended, revoked or invalid license or insurance.
    • No DUI or other drug-related driving violation in the last five years.
    • No driving-related convictions for hit-and-run, speeding 100+ mph, reckless driving, street racing, or speed contest.

Can I drive in multiple states?
Not at this time. We are working on that. It is a highly requested feature.

How much do drivers make?
Go here, and at the bottom are driver rates. If you boost, it becomes unlimited.

What states are you launched in?
You will find our active, and upcoming launch states here.

How do i get to Vibe Ride Wednesday?
Go to Vibe Talk! Or call (267) 833-0522 201958 is the pin and we meet every Wednesday at 2pm Central Standard Time.

What is a Referral Rep. ID?
The Referral Rep. ID is where you have a customer that is downloading the application.

What is My Rep ID?
The my Rep ID should only be your personal ID. Do not put anyone elses ID in this field.

Drivers minimum age?

Where do I view my Driver Profile?
Click your profie picture at the top of your driver app.

What Texas cities do you operate in?
What cities are we NOT in? That is right, big as Texas! Vibe Ride doesn't prevent you from working in any city in Texas!

What Florida cities do you operate in?
We operate from the jets of Pensacola to the beautiful waters of Key West we are in every Florida city.

Vibe Ride Worldwide?
Yes, but not in 2019.

Is there a charge for Spills?
    Here at Vibe we like to make sure our customers have a clean and safe environment.
    We also understand accidents happen. It is not the responsibility of Vibe drivers to pay for riders mistakes.
    Riders will be billed for damage to vehicles and for cleaning that is required to return the vehicle to service.

  • $20: This sum is for small, ordinary types of messes, such as food or drink spills.
  • $40: The most common situation for this sum is vomit on the outside of the vehicle. This fee can be assessed for other larger spills that are still simple to clean up.
  • $80: Will be assessed if there is a small bodily fluid mess. I the passenger has stained some surfaces that require extensive cleaning this will be the assessed fee as well.
  • $150: This is the maximum charge possible. This is for when the vehicle has been soiled by either Blood, Vomit or has to have extensive cleaning.

  • ***Damage to a vehicle may be charged up to $500 dollars if extreme.